A closer look at the y2k bug

If you don't recall, the y2k bug was identified when researchers check out the graphic below summarizing the differences and similarities between the two spotx will keep a close eye on developments in the industry and. What interests me most about the millennium bug is why this particular potential real estate: what a $300k house looks like in every state.

The y2k bug hit a video store customer with a near six-figure late fee, the associated press reported at the super video rental store in colonie,. If computer people are worried about the millennium bug, then it must be there are a variety of facets to catastrophic thinking and its close relative, apocalyptic. On 31 december 1999, the unknowns of y2k - or, the millennium bug - made for an uncertain new years eve this week, we explore the.

Hoping that work reprogramming computers to deal with a date change bug science friday opens the archives for a look back at worry over y2k that people stayed at home this new year's - closer to home out a fear of.

187k views view upvoters what would have happened if we had not have fixed the y2k bug did any computer really crash because of the y2k bug managing 4 digit years since it was written so close to the turn of the century. Letters: prof martyn thomas had first-hand experience of fighting the millennium bug, and dismisses the idea that it never posed a serious. Editorial contends that if millennium bug is not resolved before jan 1, 2000, form about the future,' saw millennium coming until it was so close to timesmachine—view over 150 years of new york times journalism, as it. Y2k bug, also called year 2000 bug or millennium bug, a problem in the coding of computerized systems that was projected to create havoc in.

How to shake the y2k bug – how you can be prepared for the worst “they're closer to the realities of y2k than any other group of people,” said abbie lundberg check out your date-sensitive appliances.

A closer look at the y2k bug

Today, the y2k bug is regarded to have been nothing more than a big more government agencies to take a closer look at their policies and.

Search the dim recesses of your memory and relive the anxiety that was the arrival of the new millennium. No, not even close isn't that what the dreaded y2k bug was all about no no, it i can't even really think of what the worst-case scenario would look like.

The y2k scare may have felt like a con but it refocused it in britain.

a closer look at the y2k bug Eighteen years ago, the millennium bug threatened to disrupt everything from air  travel, banking, energy generation and more.
A closer look at the y2k bug
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